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Windshield Rock-Chip Repairs

Auto Glass Repair.
Determining if you need an auto glass repair depends on the size, location and severity of the windshield damage. The majority of auto glass repair shops can repair quarter-sized rock chips and cracks up to three inches long. Our auto glass repair service can successfully do an auto glass repair as long as the rock chip is smaller than a quarter size in diameter, and windshield cracks are no longer than a dollar bill. Your auto glass repair can be completed at your work or home quickly and affordably and should only be performed by a trained, certified auto glass repair technician.


RV Windshield Repair.
Your RV windshield can be repaired just like the windshield in your car. Our windshield repair technicians are able to repair your RV'Ss windshield in our shop or we can come out and repair the windshield on-site

On average, an auto glass repair on a chip or ding in your auto glass can take a half an hour or less and your car is immediately available to drive after the auto glass repair

The sooner you get an auto glass repair on your vehicle, the less chance your rock chip will spread, saving you both time and money.

• Auto glass repair will clear up the windshield crack by 80-95%.
• Auto glass repair will keep the rock chip from cracking or spreading any further.
• Auto glass repair will ensure the structural integrity of your windshield.
• Auto glass repair will improve the view out of your windshield.
• Auto glass repair will save you money.
• Auto glass repair can save your insurance company money.
• Auto glass repair is faster than windshield replacement.
• Auto glass repair can be done in minutes.
• Auto glass repair is affordable.
• Auto glass repair works great on rental cars.
• Major national local and rural fleets use auto glass repair.

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